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Physicality and Performing Arts Festival
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Supporters and Allies:

The Laughter Arts Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following for their donations:

National Heritage Foundation
Maryland State Arts Council

MotionFest would also like to thank the following donors for their generous support:

Donation Designation
under $100 Grin Givers
$100-$199 Snicker Supporters
$200-$299 Ha Ha Makers
$300-$999 Chortle Associates
$1,000-$3,999 Chuckle Members
$4,000-$9,999 Guffaw Contributing Members
$10,000 and up Side-splitting, Belly Busting Sponsors

Snicker Supporters
   Dusti Travel (Official MotionFest Travel Agent)
Chip Franklin
John Russo
Laura Green
Christine Duenas/Watson Kawecki
Ha Ha Makers
   Dan Holzman
Max Howard
Jim Nieb
Don Mullins

You can be a MotionFest Supporter!

If you would like to use a credit card to make a contribution in support of MotionFest, please follow the link below to make a donation through PayPal.  The charge will appear as PAYPAL *PHIL for now.  When Laughter Arts Foundation has established a business connection with PayPal we will be changing over.

Click Below to make payments via credit card or eCheck.

Friends/Allies of MotionFest:
- The Performers' Network
Since 1997, has been THE online Community for International Variety Entertainers. Discussion Forums, Resource Library, Web Services, Performing Links... Always growing, always accepting contributions. The MotionFest web site was designed and is hosted by

The Celebration Barn - Get your act together!

The Celebration Barn offers a full summer season of intense and creative study programs with some of the world's finest instructors in a beautiful setting in Western Maine. The Celebration Barn has helped to nurture some of America's finest touring artists, dancers, mimes, jugglers, storytellers, (you name it!) and has earned an international reputation.

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