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"We believe that MotionFest is a great opportunity for players of all kinds to get together and not only share ideas but also to get to know each other. It sort of creates a big family of friends. The people who attended my Celebration Barn through the years have formed powerful friendships that have helped to alleviate the loneliness of touring. We need family. Keep up the good work. The MotionFest idea is a damn good one and... it can help the FAMILY of performers."
Tony Montanaro

"I am still bathing in the glow of the weekend. It was truly a wonderful experience. I am telling everyone I know to go to the next one."
Dick Chudnow
Founder, Comedysportz

"Like many busy professional entertainers, my partner and I have a hard time finding the time to further our professional development. In a stimulating, fun, and highly beneficial creative environment, MotionFest provided us with that essential artistic spark. We were able to study many aspects of our art form with other like-minded movement and variety artists, and we emerged enriched and energized. We thank the producers and supporters of MotionFest for allowing us this opportunity to grow as artists. We now plan to spread the joy to our students and our audiences!"
Nick Newlin and Joanne Flynn/ The NicoloWhimsey Show
Brandywine, MD

"It was a great experience and great to be exposed to some new talent. I thought the event was a success.The faculty was great, the classes were most effective in the 4 hour intensives. Thanks again."
Barry Lubin

"Just a short note to say again how much I/we loved the Fest...learned a ton, reconnected with a lot of ol' pals, made a bunch of new ones and came away with renewed enthusiasm for this crazy career!"
Rob and Linda Peck

"Well the MotionFest is now over and it was great! Dick Monday taught the most amazing improv classes I've ever taken, and Tony Montonaro's workshops in mime were nothing short of earth moving. There was an open stage where I was able to try out new ideas and find out what worked and what clearly did not. Learned two new club swing moves and a whole lot of juggling history from Karmazov Bro- Tim Furst, the most knowledgable man on juggling I've ever met. Met scores of performers from all over the country and saw old clown college pal Martha Fournier who is still awesome... The public show was by far the BEST public show I have ever seen at a convention. The stand-out piece for me was Dick Monday and Barry Lubin's "ventriloquist act." Michael Menes was amazing, Mike Rosman gave a great performance of his rola bola routine, Karl Baumann of Cirque du Soliel bounced all over a table for 7 minutes and Tony Montonaro came out and TALKED before doing several fantastic mime routines. Dick and Barry gave great performances of their solo work and it was all held together by Robert "Butterfly Man" Nelson, who is a walking library of anecdotes and stories."
Steve McGinley
Frederick, MD

"MotionFest was like trying to drink from a firehose. There was just so much offered and my whole philosophy was to keep telling myself, "Be A Sponge! Soak up all you can, because you may never have a chance like this again." MotionFest gave me plenty of direction and helped me focus on what I need to do to get to the level I'm trying to get to. What I have learned in the past few months can only help me as a performer in my school shows. I'll never be satisfied with what I can do, there will always be something I can make better. It was very exciting to see someone like Dan Holzman dancing Riverdance with me on stage, because he is trying to get better everyday. He has achieved just about everything one can do in show business, but he was there just like the rest of us. What a magical experience it all was!"
Ron Anglin
Atlanta, GA

"An amazing web has been spun and I'm glad to be a part of it."
Carlo Gentile
San Francisco, CA

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