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Physicality and Performing Arts Festival
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Past MotionFest West 2003 Festival Workshops:

Workshops are divided into two types, Intensive and Lecture.

Intensive workshops will be 3 hours long and will be repeated each day. Each day the attendees should choose a different one to attend. Class size will be limited to allow for small ratio of teacher to students.

Afternoon Lecture classes will be open enrollment with no limit on class size. Students can choose while onsite which to attend. They will be 90 minutes in length and will be presented each day so that students can attend a variety of them as they wish. Lectures will be less in-depth versions of the morning intensives unless otherwise noted.

There will also be skills workshops covering various techniques, as interest is shown. These will be offered during the same time as other lecture workshops.

Please note! Intensive instructors will also be teaching lecture workshops during the afternoon sessions. Each student will be able to participate in one intensive workshop per day.

Workshop Listings are subject to change... Keep checking in...

Intensive Workshop Instructors
bullet Avner
bullet Karl Baumann
bullet Peter Davison
bullet Ronlin Forman
bullet Joanie Spina
bullet Kenny Raskin
bullet Jeff Raz

Tentative Intensive Schedule

Avner - Thursday (beginner), Friday (advanced), Saturday (advance)

Karl Baumann - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Peter Davison - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Ronlin Foreman - Saturday, Sunday

Joanie Spina - Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Kenny Raskin - Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Jeff Raz - Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Intensive Workshops

bulletIntroduction to Eccentric Performing This workshop will be presented on Thursday and is meant as a beginners workshop if you have not had Avner before.  Instructor: Avner
bullet Application of Eccentric Performing Principles to Creating Routines  This workshop will be presented on Friday and Saturday and is meant to teach more advanced methods building on those in the beginning workshop   Instructor: Avner


bulletCharacter Development The natural ways we all move, walk, and talk are unique to each individual. Idiosyncrasies can be an asset. Exaggerating a supposed "weakness" can enrich a performance. We will focus on developing these individual aspects, enhancing them to create a stronger character and act.

Precision is the next step, after discovering your individual way of moving.  Every action needs to be visibly clear, so the audience can read you on stage. This precision in movement can be likened to creating an animated cartoon, frame by frame. The goal is to intrigue the audience by everything you do on stage. This includes simple walks, looks, or even standing still.

The class utilizes improvisation, reflection, and organization to help you define, refine, and polish your character. Instructor: Karl Baumann


bullet Movement with Objects A workshop for all kinds of performers who want to expand and refine their movement on stage. Classical concepts of posture, line, locomotion and projection will be introduced in ways that allow you to adapt the techniques to your personal style. This work will then be extended into the handling of objects. Your props will become your partners as we explore the technical and creative possibilities of moving with objects. Wear loose clothing and bring props you would like to work with.
Instructor: Peter Davison


bulletUsing Music to Enhance Your Routine  Simple stage movements can be made stronger, when you perform them with music. Audiences no longer see a performer reaching for a prop, they see a story, however simple, unfolding. We will explore how the music can help define your routine, enhancing your act to support and sell your presentation. We will also practice some basic movement skills.  Instructor: Joanie Spina


bulletThe Purposeful Art of Living with Accidents Clowns lives in a world of spontaneity, flexibility and distractibility. They follow their noses, and the rest of their senses, as well. This will be an opportunity for students to sniff out their clowns, which is an essential part of a powerful presence, on stage and off.

Attendees will also learn to create accidents, to see them coming, and to profit from them -- in a sense, to make 'accidents' intentional. How to create an impact on arrival, and an even bigger impact on departure. This workshop will be enlightening as well as fun. You will find yourself being funny without trying to be. What a relief!  Instructor: Kenny Raskin

bullet Creating Physical Characters Workshop will start with approaches to creating physical characters. Then use these characters to work on classic routines; concentrating on the three basic partnerships that need to come alive in any act - partnership with fellow performers, with the audience and with inanimate objects (props, music, light, etc.). After absorbing some of the history and structure of physical theater into their bodies, we will explore techniques for developing original work. Personal stories will be mined for material that engages our hearts and minds. Material is then translated into the physical and metaphoric world of clowning and Commedia to give depth to the routines. Instructor: Jeff Raz.

bullet Lecture workshops and more descriptions of intensive workshops to follow soon!!!
Lecture Workshops
bulletGetting Your Act Together One of the many highlights at MotionFest is the evening critique session. Attendees perform in front of their peers, and receive constructive feedback.

We wanted to expand this format, and make it even more effective. Robert Nelson was kind enough to offer his expertise.

Friday and Sunday afternoon Mr. Nelson, acting as a turbo director, will work with three acts (total of six acts). Note: During these sessions participants should be prepared to perform their acts, and receive instant directorial feedback. This is NOT a writing session.

Acts need to sign up in advance. In fact, Mr. Nelson has requested that you send him an UNEDITED video of your show (20 minutes max) along with a list of EVERYTHING you do (i.e., your skills). Send this, along with a phone number where you can be reached easily. All materials must be received two weeks
prior to Motionfest, so he has time to review them.

Please contact Robert Nelson directly to make arrangements for sending your tape. The phone number is:
(three-one-zero) eight-two-seven three-six-nine-two Instructor: Robert Nelson

bulletWriting Comedy for Variety Acts You already have an act. Why not make it funnier?

Variety acts inherently include lots of backstory. The situations and the props we utilize in our acts are all potential set-ups, patiently waiting for their punch lines.

Daniel Holzman and Scotty Meltzer share techniques on how to mine the specifics of your act to get more laughs out of your routine. Please bring writing materials, and your favorite prop(s). Instructors: Dan Holzman and Scotty Meltzer

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